The satisfaction of customers is our mission

Our "mission" is to keep clean, sanitized and perfectly sanitized your boat. With the help of more sophisticated products we provide to the washing

of carpets and upholstery aboard Maxi Yachts and Yachts. Thirty years of experience have trained our staff to give back to the interior of your boat a new life.


The sanitation of the interior of the yacht , or sanitizing treatment is a deep cleansing solution . And ' highly recommended not only for the general care of the boat , but also and especially because the environment is cleaned and disinfected in a radical way . The use of seasonal and even for short periods of the yacht leads us inevitably to soil the interior. However, the cleaning that we do regularly at home using a normal vacuum cleaner is not enough. It ' important to run it on a regular basis but it is not sufficient for the proper sanitation and deep ..

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Quality comes from experience
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