Car and Camper

Elios is a company that provides professional cleaning and sanitation of the interior of your car or camper.

With pickup and delivery of the vehicle. We have a wide assortment of products and natural detergents for cleaning both the parties "fabric" that "plastic" and more and, for the bio-being of the person: we have tested them all and are of a very high quality. For our washes use biological detergents and latest machinery that guarantee results considerably higher than average.

Car cleaning

The interior of your car constantly consume mites and dust that settle on porous surfaces and textures of fabrics of seats, floor mats, etc. Unlike the plastic parts for which cleaning is sufficient performed with a wet cloth and specific products, the tissues should be vacuumed and cleaned with suitable machinery professional at least 1 time per year. Elios offers personalized service of cleaning and sanitation services in interior, both in leather and fabric, private car or business; the service can also be carried on caravans, motor homes, commercial vehicles and corporate fleets.


Dry seats


Dry mats


Cleaning headlining

Cleaning camper

The camper optimal and capable of giving the pleasure of outdoor holidays should not just be taken care of at the technical level. In view of the approach of summer, it's good to do a thorough cleaning of the camper. Will experience and ability as well as the right products. Will wash the walls of the cell interior. Will lift the curtains that saranna washed in the laundry. Leveremo dust and traces of smog from the windows, using a soft cloth and a spray degreaser. Emptied the insides of lockers removing topsoil, sand and all the accumulations of the past season. Igienizzeremo then these areas with technical products and professional materials suitable to be sanitized. Products will be used specifically for the cleaning of upholstery, because neutralizes acid and dirt of the fibers.