Elios is specialized in the ordinary and extraordinary cleaning of hotel facilities, hotel and residence, offering high quality services and professionalism.

The company provides customer highly qualified personnel. The care and attention to detail in the cleaning of the property is what has always characterized the staff of Elios, ensuring the complete satisfaction of the customer is the hotelier who, thanks to a serious and thorough cleaning of the rooms and common areas such as the lobby, hallways, stairs and outside.

Carpet cleaning

Elios specializes in cleaning, sanitizing, carpet stain removal (bouclé, longhaired, sleeping shaved), carpets and fabrics of furniture (rivistimenti of upholstered sofas and armchairs as, upholstery, curtains). Thanks to a long operational experience in the field is able to offer a complete service for the maximum satisfaction of the customer. The cleaning of the coatings mentioned above is a delicate operation that requires specific expertise and above all the use of technologies, products and machinery to be specified to properly remove stains and dirt preserving fibers and fabrics. Keep the coverings and furniture clean and tidy averts the formation of allergens such as dust mites and making unhealthy environments and affect the quality of life for allergy sufferers. Elios employs for vacuuming, washing and sanitizing of your carpets, rugs and fabrics specific equipment and non-aggressive products and different depending on the type of tissue to be treated (long hair, shaved, upholstery, etc ...). Depending on the type of environment in which the carpet and fabrics are and depending on the passage or the use of the same, our consultants will advise the time intervals, and the proper treatment to perform.

Outdoor blinds

The blinds are subject to numerous agents which necessitate a cleaning operation is constant, since, especially for those who use keep them open throughout the year are subjected to weathering of various types, as well as pollen, dust, smog, humidity, and if not carefully handled, can not last and can be damaged irreparably. The cleanliness of this type of curtains in a hotel like in a house, requires space, time and attention, as it should be rolled out in the open, beaten with a beater and washed with brushes not too abrasive for not damage the fabric. In Lucca the Elios provides a personal capacity by the professional specializing in the cleaning of outdoor awnings, umbrellas, canopies, gazebos and dedicated equipment, so you can not worry over this troublesome maintenance.

Interior blinds

The interior curtains also come as a hotel or a house, through their colors and their beauty we understand the level of quality of the hotel or apartment. Keep them clean and fresh denotes an eye to aesthetics, but especially more attention to health, as the curtains are constantly exposed to cooking fumes, smoke, soot, smog and especially dust. It is not always possible to wash them in place because, depending on the size, the type (Simple Curtains, blinds or classic to dropped, etc.) and especially tissue need different care, different detergents and too often risk ingiallirle , shorten them, fraying, etc.. The Elios offers among its services disassembly, washing, drying, ironing and re-assembly of your curtains, ensuring the utmost care for fabrics. Our cleaners will be discreet and respectful of your environment, willing to put their experience at your service. The Elios operates throughout the territory of the province of Lucca, to get a free quote call the above number or please indicate your contact details to be contacted.