Elios is a company that provides professional laundry, dry cleaning and ironing service with pickup and delivery.

In addition we also offer a wide assortment of products and natural detergents to clean the house and to the bio-being of the person: we have tested them all and are of a very high quality. Perfect if you have children, or if you just want to let less chemistry possible in your home. For our washes use biological detergents and latest machinery that guarantee results considerably higher than average.

Cleaning curtains

The curtains in a house in addition to playing a practical function, or protect the house from light and prying eyes, are very often part of the furniture and should therefore be safeguarded at best and kept clean, as they can become a receptacle for dust and mites if neglected.

Cleaning sofas and armchairs

Washing and cleaning of sofas even at home, we perform interventions sanitation removing stains from all types of furnishings with the most innovative systems and evolved.

Cleaning mattresses

Regularly clean the mattress with the right methods can help prevent the onset of allergies to dust and mites, asthma, rhinitis, and other respiratory ailments and skin. Elios offers a service of professional sanitizing mattresses with systems and modern technology. In addition to the normal wash that removes stains and odors sanifichiamo mattress and bedroom with a cannon professional ozone.

Pulizia Tappeti

Being an integral part of the carpet also deserves special care and maintenance. The water washing is carried out by machines that keep the carpet floor, thus ensuring a clean product and respecting the structure and colors of your rug. The drying takes place in drying chambers with constant control of temperature and humidity, so as to give your carpet the best brilliance.